Amit Shah was the chief guest of the meeting. He clarified that telangana Liberation Day will be officially celebrated on this occasion. amit shah has said that bjp is sure to come to power in the coming elections. Asked whether the trs party was not celebrating Liberation Day out of fear of the Majlis party, amit shah said the bjp was not afraid of anyone.

In this context, he criticized that if 1000 tribals fought for independence, the cm would not even have the least memory of KCR. It is in this context that the bharatiya janata party will commemorate the sacrifices of the tribals and officially celebrate Liberation Day. On the other hand, he joked that cm KCR has become a puppet in the hands of MIM. He said the bjp would once again iron out the dignity of Telangana. He said it was certain that the bjp would come to power in Telangana.

He said the bjp had won four seats in the last elections and lost another three seats by a narrow margin, calling for the entire parliamentary seat to be dedicated to Modi. He said that the congress party had collapsed in the country and there was no chance of that party coming to power. amit shah called for making his pilgrimage a success. Itala Rajinder was invited to greet on the stage. He was asked to come forward on the stage and chanted slogans in the house.

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