Suresh Gopi, the actor-turned-politician, has previously stated that he is interested in working with regular people to meet their needs. He claimed he does not want to become the head of the bjp kerala division because he was failed in both assembly and parliament elections on a bjp ticket in Kerala.

Suresh Gopi reaffirmed his position, saying that a party leader should be able to assess the attitudes of people who may join the party in the near future. Only a seasoned professional should take on such responsibilities, he added. suresh Gopi believes that a movie star is not the best candidate for the job.

Meanwhile, he made it plain that he will not accept the offer of bjp stalwarts K Surendran and v muraleedharan to become the party's chairman. He stated that amit shah and narendra modi do not anticipate him to take over as Prime Minister.

Surendran, who is presently the state president, is rumoured to be considering stepping down. Surendran has previously been charged with many counts of corruption. During the election season, he is also accused of misappropriating election money. Surender will be replaced as bjp state president.

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