Despite campaigning during the election, the turnout in urban areas did not even reach 50 per cent. Central and state election commissions have been campaigning with many celebrities about the importance of voting, but they have not been able to change the percentage in these areas.

The importance of voting in a democracy is not unknown. However, the actual party is a lot, and even if the people who cast their ballots vote for only 50 per cent, that percentage can be shared by all parties and win by a very small margin according to the principle of majority by minority.

Criticisms are also coming that the reason for this coming together for the respective parties is that they do not care much about the increase in the voting percentage in the towns. The fewer the votes, the easier it is for a party to win. And when the voting percentage here is 50, all the parties have to share it, so the number of votes coming to the winning candidate.

Many such questions continue to arise during elections. Politically it comes together so they are not much interested in it. And why people do not vote is left to the respective electoral bodies.

Only once in the last six elections has the turnout in tirupati crossed 50 per cent, which means that there is a lot of interest in voting in the towns. How can further development be possible if they are not interested in voting to elect leaders for the development of their area. There is nowhere that people need to discuss this issue.

Experts say the people must find the right answer to the machinations that make it easier for parties to split votes and win. They suggest that not only the country but also the regional parties should realize that growing piles of rafts is also a sham politics.

They warn that the day is near when even the party that got ten per cent of the vote will come to power if it does not do so. Experts say that if something like this happens, different parties will also come to the fore and plunder regions, states and even the country.

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