During his visit to the united states, indian prime minister Narendra Modi met with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Important global problems such as democracy, Afghanistan, and the Indo-Pacific were also discussed, with harris personally mentioning Pakistan's role in terrorism, according to Secretary of State Harsh Shringla. "I am delighted to meet Vice President Kamala harris," Modi added. Her accomplishment has inspired people all around the world. We discussed a number of topics that would help to enhance the India-US partnership, which is built on common values and cultural connections, he stated on social media.

In Washington, prime minister Narendra Modi talks with US Vice President Kamala Harris. india is a key partner of the united states, according to Kamala Harris. The move by india to begin vaccine exports has been hailed by the United States. Both presidents stated that India-US ties had progressed significantly.

Pakistan is home to terrorist organisations. "Kamala has requested that pakistan take the appropriate actions to ensure that these do not constitute a security danger to the united states and india," the foreign ministry said, according to the news agency reported. "Kamala was freely alluding to Pakistan's participation in terrorism when the topic of terrorism came up," Foreign Secretary harsh vardhan Shringla said.

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