Governments manage companies if they are profitable and if at loss they find other solutions. They are also gearing up for some upcoming deals in the same sequence. kcr can sell the rtc if the Center would sell the Visakhapatnam steel plant. Thousands of livelihood will be at stake as a result of this. The APS rtc was the country's major public transportation system. Even after the separation, the state continued to provide its services. Following this, it was discovered that 97 depots in telangana were still in disrepair. It's now unclear who will gain from the RTC's sale, rather than who would benefit from the lost working families.

The firm has been releasing cash every year to get in the groove, according to the cm, and even if part of the funds are modified and released within GHMC's restrictions, the company will not be able to recover its losses. "This year, we've set aside Rs 3,000 crore, which has been adjusted from both budgeted and unexpected finances," he added. But, with the RTC's rich assets, what can the sales overlords accomplish? Will this be the means of putting Bajireddy Govardhan, a YS devotee, in jeopardy?

Is there any intention of selling RTC? Is cm kcr up to the task? More! What does a YS aficionado do? It is necessary to look for solutions to such questions. We need to get some answers on this as soon as possible. During the rtc strike, kcr stated a lot of things. It also offered advice on how to deal with the company's losses. The rtc, on the other hand, did not walk down the aisle. Corona has suffered even more losses as a result of. The cost of diesel has increased more than the RTC's earnings as prices have risen. Authorities couldn't figure out what to do with it. kcr has already informed MD Sajjanar that the rtc will be operational within four months. Will it come to an end now?

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