Telangana assembly sessions started from today. The congressional meeting that preceded these assembly sessions led to controversy. congress CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka, mp Uttama Kumar reddy, mla Jaggareddy and mla Jeevan reddy were present at the meeting.

mla Jaggareddy reddy expressed dissatisfaction over the behavior of PCC chief Rewanth at the CLP internal meeting. He expressed dissatisfaction with the party chiefs over the attitude of PCC president revanth Reddy.

Rewanth reddy is coming to Zaheerabad and he expressed impatience as to how he was looking for personal publicity. When it comes to Zaheerabad, at least Geeta reddy has no information. Jaggareddy, who is the only mla in the Joint medak District, has become serious about not being given the opportunity to speak in the Gajwel House.

Sitakka was also present at the meeting. The strategy and counter-strategies to be followed in the assembly meetings were discussed.

The party has decided to press the government on major public issues in the state. The congress has decided to demand in the BAC that the assembly convene for more days to discuss public issues. The decision was taken to discuss issues like peacekeeping, Dalit kinship, RTC, power tariff hike proposal, fallow lands, dharani portal and other issues.

Jaggareddy said it was difficult for everyone in the party to have equal priority. It is learned that Jaggareddy tried to stop Sitakka while he was speaking but he did not stop. Rewanth did not attend the meeting.

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