Currently, the focus of the national and international media is on the same thing. The same is true of the talks between indian prime minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden. If the corona is shrinking the world on the one hand and on the other hand the developments in afghanistan are changing rapidly.

The meeting of the two top heads of state at this time became crucial. white house sources have already said that Biden is likely to discuss the Taliban affair with Modi in today's talks. At the same time, Modi is likely to complain to the head of state about the assistance being provided by India's cousin pakistan to the Taliban government.

The Afghan government, which has become a bulwark mainly for terrorists is full of most wanted criminals. What matters now is what kind of problems Pakistan's supporting such a government would bring internationally.

indian prime minister Narendra Modi is touring the united states for the first time since Joe Biden was elected President of the United States. Also the first time the two are discussing face to face. Modi, who visited the US several times during Trump's tenure in the past, also campaigned in support of donald trump at the time.

Modi has made special arrangements for Trump's visit to India. Such an indian prime minister is meeting Biden for the first time. The two leaders will focus on Pakistan's support for the Afghan government. pakistan is the only country in afghanistan that has supported the Taliban in overthrowing the people's government.

India has already blamed pakistan ISI chief Faiz Hamid for his visit to Kabul. Information that a discussion between the two leaders will begin on the same main agenda. Modi is also likely to explain to Biden how US aid to pakistan is being misused. We have to see and how the supremacist will respond.

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