A group of tdp leaders who met the guntur Urban SP spoke to the media. buddha venkanna said. On the 17th, if the ycp goons were attacking the house of former cm Chandrababu, we would have stopped it. He said ycp leaders had warned him to kill Chandrababu during the blockade.

We were told that the DGP had threatened to have Anda. He said a complaint was lodged at Thadepalli station over the incident that day. No action has been taken on their complaint.

He criticized the police for not being able to take action against the ycp leaders who attacked them. police officials were incensed that lower-level personnel were being pressured. He gave a warning that we would go to court if no action was taken regarding the incident that day.

tdp leader Pattabhi said that more than 80 ycp gunmen had attacked Chandrababu's house. He alleged that despite knowing the information, Jogi welcomed Ramesh with royal courtesy without interrupting him.

He was incensed that the police had not made any attempt to prevent the atmosphere of war there for over an hour. He criticized that no action had been taken so far on the complaint we had lodged in connection with the attack on us that day.

Back ours is going to put yours cases. He alleged that there were no IPC sections in the state and ycp sections were in force. Thadepalli said the SP was contacted as no action had been taken on the compliant given at the station.

He revealed that he would go to court if the SP did not take action. The high court warned that the DGP, DIG and SP would all appear before the court if no action was taken against the accused.

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