BJP has been winning in Modi's home state of gujarat for the past 20 years, the forthcoming gujarat assembly elections in 2022 have become a problem for him. Modi has been the chief minister of gujarat three times. During his term, party officials are optimistic that Modi would be chosen as the prime ministerial candidate to oversee Gujarat's growth. Even after Modi became Prime minister, the bjp continued to win in Gujarat. This time, though, the elections will be a test for narendra Modi.

The bjp won 99 of the 182 seats in the 2017 elections, while the congress won 66. That is, congress appears to have competed with the BJP. Later, when the operation became more aggressive, congress officials defected to the BJP. However, it is reasonable to conclude that anti-BJP sentiments are growing in the current setting. The bjp was disappointed by the outcome of the Corona case and the fact that it was planning another demonstration. In this sequence, Bhupendra Patel, a member of the party's social class, was named CM.

The congress, on the other side, is devising tactics to build a foothold in Gujarat. party officials in gujarat, the BJP's heartland, have initiated attempts to fly the congress flag for the first time. rahul Gandhi, the congress leader, is already making arrangements in this regard. Leaders who are disgruntled with the bjp are considering joining them. Kanhaiya, a cpi (M) youth leader, is expected to join the congress shortly. Also, it appears that Jignesh, who ran as an Independent and won, will join Gooty.

If the bjp loses in Modi's home state, it will have an impact on the parliamentary elections. During the elections, it appears that Modi and amit shah will be involved. It remains to be known who will come out on top in this high-stakes race.

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