In Andhra Pradesh, the leaders of the ruling ysr congress party have always said and criticized the telugu Desam and janasena parties in the Opposition. Accordingly, janasena has been saying that pawan kalyan should indirectly act in favour of the telugu Desam Party.

In this context, he has now once again spoken in support of the tdp, which has become a hot topic in political circles. If you notice some remarks made by janasena party leader pawan kalyan at the Republic movie pre-release ceremony held in hyderabad on Saturday, the discussion that he has beaten the telugu desam party is in full swing.

In particular, Pawan Kalyan's remarks that "those who talked about Kapu reservation when the tdp was in power should say why not when the ycp government came" became a hot topic. The telugu desam party in particular has become a hot topic among the masses.

janasena leader pawan kalyan will also address the issues raised by the opposition telugu desam party leaders. Opposition tdp has been questioning whether chief minister Jaganmohan reddy knows who the real culprits in the vivekananda reddy murder case are, but why not bring them to justice.

Earlier, Telugudesam also alleged that there was a huge conspiracy. pawan kalyan also raised the issue of Viveka murder. Opinions are being expressed that he will speak in favour of TDP.

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