The Union home Ministry has made a significant decision to broaden the BSF's authority along the country's borders. Within 50 kilometres of the international border, BSF soldiers can now enter punjab, West bengal, and assam states and arrest suspects, as well as to conduct searches and seizures. The BSF's authority has been expanded by 15 kilometres from punjab, which shares a border with Pakistan, to West bengal and assam, which share a border with Bangladesh. What I was up to Following events such as the dumping of weapons across the country's borders by drones, this authority has now been extended to 50 kilometres, according to a gazette notification published by the Union home Ministry on Monday. He said that the move will benefit national security and drug trafficking prevention.

Punjab ruled by the Congress, and West bengal ruled by the Trinamool Congress, both protested to the Union home Ministry's decision, claiming that it violated the federal spirit. The state governments claim that the central government is interfering with state authorities in its pursuit of central forces. punjab Chief minister Charanjit Singh Channy argued that the Union home Ministry's judgement was incorrect. He criticised the BSF's growth in their state, calling it a blatant attack on the federal spirit. On social media, Union home minister amit shah was urged to reverse his decision immediately.

Former punjab Chief minister amarinder singh, on the other hand, backed the decision of the national government. He said that expanding BSF jurisdiction at the country's frontiers will help to strengthen the country's national defence system. amarinder singh stated that using the military in politics was improper.

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