The financial times have reported that china has tested nuclear-capable hypersonic missile illustrating an advanced space capability and that has caught US by surprise. 

Based on the FT reports, the missile launch was kept in confidence by china before cruising towards the target and missing its mark by 24 inches. Several countries like US, china and russia are manufacturing hypersonic missiles that travel at 5 times the speed of sound. Though slower than ballistic missiles, harder to intercept and can be manoeuvred. 

Though, there hasn't been any reaction from US or India. The strategic experts in india say they require more information before becoming “too worried”. The missile development has come in the growing US-China rivalry, Chinese pressure on taiwan and its year long standoff with indian forces in eastern ladakh. 

Financial times have quoted pentagon spokesperson john Kirby who says “We have made our concerns about china very clear, capabilities that only increase tensions. That is one reason why we hold them as our number one pacing challenge ”. 

Chinese embassy has denied to comment saying “defensive in nature” and that this military development was not targeted at any country. "We do not have military operations planned out like the US does and we do not intend to participate in arms race with other countries." They replied. 

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