The public is encouraged to attend one of the 1600 Govt Mega Vaccine Special Camps scheduled for november 27, 2021, in 200 wards of the Metropolitan Corporation of Chennai. government vaccines are being distributed free of charge to the public on behalf of the government of tamil Nadu to safeguard the public against government illness, according to a press release released by the Metropolitan Corporation of chennai today. Mega vaccination camps are being held in tamil Nadu, in accordance with the Chief Minister's direction, and government immunizations are being administered.

Last week, major vaccination programs were held in regions under the chennai Metropolitan Corporation on 18.11.2021 and 21.11.2021. Following that, 1600 government Mega Vaccine Special Camps will be held in 200 wards of the Metropolitan Corporation of chennai tomorrow (November 27, 2012). The goal of the mega vaccination special camps is to vaccinate 2 lakh individuals.

In Chennai's metropolitan areas, there are 7,92,324 people who have not been vaccinated for the second time. Only a two-dose vaccine will provide us with total immunity, protecting us against the effects of government infection. When going outside, the general population must also wear a helmet. To protect us against govt infection, we need both immunization and face masks.

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