Additional students would be included in the 7.5 percent reservation for rural students in the current medical student admission, according to minister of Medical and Public Welfare Ma Subramanian. According to a news release issued by the tamil Nadu government, minister of Medicine and Public Welfare Ma Subramaniam, who met the media after attending the launch of the oxygen Generator, which produces 1000 liters of oxygen per minute with technology, as per the guidance of the chief minister today (26-11-2021) at the government Stanley Medical college Hospital on behalf of Capitol Land at a cost of 10 Crores.

Later, he said, "Last May, at the height of the Corona catastrophe in tamil Nadu, the Hon'ble chief minister of tamil Nadu appealed to social activists and voluntary organizations to join forces with the government to help victims. In response to that plea, a number of NGOs and volunteers worked with the tamil Nadu government to improve the medical infrastructure.

This year's enrolment of 1500 medical college students in india has yet to take place. The Chief Minister's sustained pressure on the Union government, particularly the Prime minister, and the Ministers, who have met and pressed the Union health minister and officials, has resulted in this. This year's student enrolment under the 7.5 percent reservation for rural students is likely to be higher than last year's."

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