According to the Department of Civil Aviation, international aviation services in india are expected to resume soon. At a time when the corona virus infection is spreading quickly, international passenger flights to india from other countries have been halted since march 2020. The ban will now be in effect until november 30, 2021. Civil Aviation Secretary Rajiv Bansal commented on this, saying, "At the moment, india is negotiating agreements with more than 25 nations in order to operate international flights." By the end of the year, international flights to india should be back to normal.

"The government is examining the process of normalising international transit," Civil Aviation minister Jyotiraditya Cynthia stated last week, "and india wishes to return to normal with the corona virus outbreak scenario in some parts of the world in mind." I'm trying to reclaim our place in the global aviation arena and to establish an international aviation hub in India. We will undoubtedly develop such a location. believe me when I say that I am on your side. "At the same time, we hope to collaborate with security."

Domestic flights are now running in normal mode and the same is expected for international flights as well and with things turning back to square one, everything is expected to fall back.

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