The family who refused to give way in the Patta property near Sankarapuram has been imprisoned for the last four days by erecting a barbed wire fence, which has come as a shock. Raja, Ramasamy's son, is from Puttai village near Sankarapuram in Kallakurichi district, where he resides with his family. The mariamman temple is close by. The Mariamman requested that the people set aside 3 cents of land close to the king's residence for the temple way. Raja, on the other hand, was adamant about not donating the room.

To keep the Raja's family from leaving the house, the villagers constructed a wire fence in front of the house's gate, which belonged to the temple site. For the past week, the entire family has been unable to leave the house and go into town to get necessities. When we inquired about this with Raja, they requested space from our Patta location. They refused, so they erected a barbed wire fence in front of my house on temple grounds, preventing us from stepping outside. He claimed that despite filing a police report, no action was taken.

When Sankarapuram police inspector Balakrishnan was questioned about the matter, he received a complaint before installing a wire fence. Following the installation of the barbed wire fence, no objections were received. Because it was a land-related matter, he said it was up to the revenue department to take action. We were discussing the problem between the Raja's family and the people when Sankarapuram Vattatsiyar questioned Pandian. He promised that the fence would be removed.

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