Amit Shah lashed out at kcr and he said he never kept his promises.According to the bjp spokesman, the yatra is against individuals who sit on the laps of razakar leaders and against thinking that promotes family dominance. After assuming power in telangana, Shah stated that the bjp would abolish minority reservation. He said that the minority quota has had an impact on reservations for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes. Shah claimed that kcr had failed to deliver on promises of water, funds, and jobs to telangana residents, and that the bjp would.

He claimed that kcr had broken his promises to provide jobless benefits, forgive crop loans, create super specialty hospitals, allocate 3 acres of land to SCs and STs, and provide Rs 50,000 crore to Dalit and Rs 1,000 crore to Backward Class welfare. "KCR did not travel to the secretariat because a tantrik advised him that if he goes there, he will lose power," Shah claimed, adding that kcr will lose power in any case because the trs administration is being deposed.

Shah further claimed that kcr is attempting to divert attention away from the issue by falsely alleging that the Centre is not obtaining rice from the state. He stated that obtaining rice is the obligation of the state government, and that if the trs government is unable to do so, it should quit, promising that once in power, the bjp will procure every kilogramme of parboiled rice. He stated that the narendra Modi-led central government spent Rs 2.52 lakh crore on Telangana's development over the course of eight years, and that kcr renamed numerous central programmes to make them appear to be state-run.

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