The bharatiya janata party in andhra pradesh may occasionally attack the state administration of Y S jagan Mohan reddy on numerous issues, but the truth remains that the party's central leadership still regards the chief minister as an important friend and considers his demands. Despite the fact that the ruling ysr congress party is not a member of the National Democratic Alliance, prime minister Narendra Modi views jagan as a good partner. Even with the short notice, he obtains Modi's appointment.

Whenever the state faces a financial crisis, Modi has granted Jagan's request for more generous financial aid and a relaxation of borrowing limitations. Despite the BJP's protests in the state about the state's financial predicament, jagan is able to manage the situation thanks to Modi's help. The manner Modi extended the service of chief secretary sameer Sharma for another six months is the most recent example of his affection for Jagan. He was meant to leave on May 31, but he'll stay for another six months.

Sameer Sharma has already been with the company for a long time. When he reached the age of superannuation on november 30, 2021, he was intended to retire. The Centre, however, gave Sharma a six-month extension in service until May 31, 2022, after the chief minister requested it. jagan wrote to the Centre on april 12 requesting a six-month extension of the Chief Secretary's tenure beyond May 31. In normal circumstances, it would not be granted, as any IAS officer's maximum extension would be six months, split into two stages of three months each.

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