In the Natham district, food safety officers seized and burned 1.5 tonnes (1,500 kg) of artificially ripened mangoes. Because it is mango season in the Natham area, coupons have been placed in various locations. Mangoes are shipped from the Natham area to other parts of tamil Nadu and other states.

Regional Food Security Officers Selvam, Kannan, and Japarsadik, led by Dindigul district Food Security Officer Sivaramapandian, performed heel inspections at 16 locations yesterday, including Natham Darbar, Kottampatti Road, and Sendurai Road. About 1.5 tonnes of chemically ripened mangoes were picked and destroyed in the test, which took place in six godowns. These were valued at Rs. 80,000 on the market. Mangoes that have been chemically ripened cost Rs. A Rs 12,000 fine was issued.

While the mango season peaks in May, weather and rains throughout the blooming season (November-December) had a negative impact on yield. Profiting from the increased demand, dealers have begun to artificially ripen mangoes. Last week, food safety officers searched stores and seized two tonnes of mangoes that had been artificially ripened. The weight and scent of a mango can be used to determine whether it has been artificially ripened. Mangoes that have naturally ripened will be light, delicate, and fragrant. Mangoes that have been chemically ripened will weigh heavier and lack their natural smell.

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