Will Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, the leader of the ysr congress party and the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, skip prime minister Narendra Modi's July 4 speech at bhimavaram, narasapuram district? According to reports in some media outlets, jagan informed the Prime Minister's office (PMO) that he would not be in the state to attend Modi's performance at bhimavaram since he and his wife Y S Bharati were travelling to Paris.

On june 28, jagan will depart for paris to attend the graduation ceremonies for his eldest daughter Harsha Reddy, who earned her MBA at Insead business School. jagan would be making a comeback on July 2 according to the itinerary revealed by CMO officials. The chief minister, however, may stay there till July 5 before going back to Andhra Pradesh, according to the most recent reports.

However, when he requested a 10-day extension from the cbi special court to travel abroad, rumours of a delay in his return to the state started to circulate. He was allowed to travel to paris for ten days by the court as well. jagan will therefore have until July 8. He will need to return by then, though, as the ysr congress party plenary is scheduled to be held in the state on July 8 and 9. He is therefore anticipated to arrive by July 5.

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