In a video that was just aired, social media activist Kalyan dileep Sunkara expresses his hatred and rage toward Radha Krishna, the proprietor of abn Channel. Additionally, he revealed how his channel favours films featuring members of his own caste's heroes above those of other castes. Additionally, he discussed how the absence of social media would have altered the course of our world's history.

In order to demonstrate to the public what a journalist shouldn't do, he also pleaded with the konidela brothers to offer a plot of land measuring 1 acre so that Radhakrishna's memorial could be built after his passing. In a humorous tone, dileep suggested that the tomb be constructed in the outskirts of the city so his ghost might shout from there anytime a hero from a different caste has a successful movie.

He continued to be sarcastic by stating that yellow marble ought to be used in the construction of the tomb. nagababu published this video on twitter to show his support for the concept of abn RK's tomb. A social activist is free to say whatever they want in public, but a party leader shouldn't publicly support such views because it could cause friction between janasena and the concerned media outlet. Before posting something like this in a post, nagababu may have given it some thought.

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