For Pawan Kalyan's political campaigning across the entire state, a bus chariot was created. The chariot is similar to both NTR's classic Chaitanyaratham and a military vehicle. But that hasn't been applied thus far. At first, there were rumours that Pawan's bus yatra might begin around dasara 2022. But now that the months have passed, the Sankranthi season is also approaching.

According to sources, Pawan prepared for his yatra but decided against going because he feared becoming invisible among the farmers' yatra in Amaravati. However, lokesh is now beginning the 400-day yatra by ending the amaravathi Rythu Yatra. As agreed upon by tdp and Janasena, Pawan wouldn't act in the same manner as lokesh did.

Elections will take place in 2023 after the lokesh yatra, therefore Pawan won't ever feel the need to undertake another yatra. The chariot is now a waste. With that, he can only run his own eponymous electoral campaign. Considering everything, Pawan might have given the go-ahead for the next three movies. There would therefore be no more yatras. Even the film industry claims Pawan is a slacker who hardly participates in yatras. Stay tuned for more updates.

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