When former chief minister and leader of the opposition N chandrababu naidu attempted to visit the polavaram project site and make accusations against the state administration, minister for Water Resources Ambati Rambabu responded angrily. The minister claimed that Chandrababu Naidu's attempt to visit the project site was not one that was planned; rather, he made the choice to do so in order to deflect attention away from the TDP's waning support.

The minister claimed that the tdp leader was using the yellow media to promote untrue information on the state government. He did, however, emphasise that the populace is intelligent enough to evaluate the false campaign run by the yellow party and yellow media. Regarding the tdp leader's accusations regarding the polavaram project, Rambabu asked chandrababu naidu three questions, asking him to respond before blaming the state government.

He was curious as to why chandrababu naidu had taken on the project's duty when the central government had been given that authority because it was a national initiative. The minister also inquired as to why the project was not finished by 2018, as promised by the tdp administration in the Assembly. Rambabu also questioned the tdp leader as to why they built the diaphragm wall but not the cofferdam for the project. Before making any accusations against the state government, the minister requested that the tdp leader respond to these queries. He also criticised the tdp leaders for mismanaging the national project while they were in power and said that they had done so in order to profit, contrary to prime minister Narendra Modi's claims.

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