Before the lok sabha elections, while bjp has entered the electoral fray with full strength with the nda alliance, the disintegration in the india alliance is showing no sign of stopping. The shocks are coming one after the other. In West reportedly bengal, mamata banerjee and AAP's arvind kejriwal have given a shock, while Jayant Chaudhary and nitish kumar have made a comeback. In such a situation, the indian alliance is now dependent only on Akhilesh Yadav.

Perhaps the turmoil in the indian alliance before the lok sabha elections is no less than a shock for the opposition parties. With each passing day, many big stalwarts are joining the nda, while the alliance with the opposition parties is now becoming weak. Samajwadi party is the strongest opposition party in UP, but here too the picture of the alliance is not clear yet. india alliance in UP is now at the mercy of akhilesh yadav, but no final formula has been arrived at till now regarding seat sharing from the congress party.

Moreover these days, rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay yatra is going on in UP. rahul Gandhi is reaching Amethi today. On the congress side, SP President akhilesh yadav was also invited to join the Nyay yatra, but there is speculation whether the SP President will join the yatra or not. akhilesh yadav says that he will not participate in the congress yatra until the seats are distributed in the state. SP President said that talks are still going on. A list has been given from their side and a list has also been given from our side. If akhilesh yadav also leaves the india Alliance, then nothing will be left in the unity of this opposition parties. Before him, mamata banerjee had already announced to separate from the india alliance and contest the elections. arvind kejriwal is also going alone in the elections, Jayant Chaudhary has joined the nda and nitish kumar, who played an important role in forming the india Alliance, has also returned and joined the NDA.

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