As per report former deputy cm Tejashwi Yadav addressed a public meeting on wednesday at Sahu Jain High school located in Lauria of the district. Tejashwi Yadav roared through Jan vishwas Yatra. Taking aim at cm nitish kumar, he said that Nitish ji is respected. He is elderly but bihar will not survive with him. Please support our party. Our party increased the price for sugarcane farmers by twenty rupees per quintal. nitish kumar wanted to dissolve the assembly and simultaneously hold lok sabha elections (Lok Sabha election 2024). I challenge that neither nitish kumar nor Modiji will get a single seat. Took oath three times in one term while two years are still left.

Meanwhile Tejashwi Yadav said that he has done 17 years of work in 17 months and has been defeated treacherously on 10-12 seats. Tejashwi said that Nitish ji also apologized to my parents. The father showed great heart and included them. When we had promised one million jobs, people used to say that he will bring the money from his father's place. nitish kumar also said this is impossible. Five lakh government jobs have been given in 17 months and not a single paper has been leaked.

Furthermore the former deputy cm said that vote for development. If bjp MPs and Modi ji have not done anything in ten years, then why will you people vote for them? PM Modi used to say that he will give permanent houses to everyone in 2022, what did he give? If you give Rs 15 lakh in the account then what will you give? Then why would you vote for him? people of RJD call it the party of 'MY', but RJD is also the party of 'Father'. The public is our mother and father.

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