Huge response to cm Jagan's 'Memanta Saaraya' Yatra...

In AP, ycp chief and cm Jagan's Memanta Sarap bus yatra will continue in Chittoor. We all get a huge response from the public for the bus trip. Even if the road was lost, the people welcomed him with gajamalas. cm jagan is interacting with the people through bus yatra. Jagan's Memanta Saaraat bus Yatra has reached its 6th day today (Tuesday). At 9 in the morning, they will leave from the area where they stayed the night. Vepurikota, Burrakayalakota cross, Gollapally, and Angalu are reached via Lakalacheruvu, Pedapalem. Lunch break is taken after noon. Later, cm jagan will reach madanapalle at 3.30 pm and will participate in an open meeting organized near Tipu sultan Ground.

After the meeting, they will reach Ammagaripalle via Nimmanapally Cross, Boyakonda Cross, Chaudepally, and Somala. At night Ammagari is done in the suburbs of the village. The chief minister is going forward saluting the people from the bus regardless of the scorching sun to the response that we are all coming for the bus trip. In between they greet common people and asking their problems. Their problems are being solved there. Also, jagan is encouraging the leaders joining the ycp to join the party on the bus trip itself.

The ec has made a key decision on the system of volunteers in the context of the election Code. This led to a war of words between the ycp and the opposition. There is excitement about how jagan will react to the decision taken on the volunteer system in today's madanapalle Sabha. If this is the case... cm YS jagan participated in the Iftar dinner organized at kadiri yesterday. On this occasion, cm jagan wished Ramadan to the Muslims.

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