Israel Hamas Conflict: 'Let there be peace in the Middle East' 

Spain did not allow a ship full of gunpowder going from india to israel to stop

There is a fierce war going on in palestine between israel and Hamas since october last year. israel has carried out heavy bombing in Gaza, due to which the Palestinian government is blaming large-scale deaths of civilians.

Voices are being raised across the world against the daily worsening of the ongoing war between israel and Hamas. Now its effect is also visible on the relations of other countries with Israel. A few days ago, America has announced to stop the supply of arms to Israel. Now spain has also refused to allow the ship, which was carrying explosives from india to israel, to stay at its port. This Danish flagged ship was going from Chennai, india to Haifa Port in Israel. On the way, this ship had asked for permission to stay at the port of spain, but spain refused saying that 'let there be peace in the Middle East'. However, till now the reaction of israel or india regarding this decision of spain has not been revealed. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Randhir jaiswal did not give a clear answer when asked questions regarding this.

Spain's Foreign minister has given information to the media

According to news agency AFP, spain has not allowed a ship full of explosives going to israel to stop at its port. Spain's Foreign minister Josh Manuel Albarez himself has informed the media about this in Brussels. Albarez told the media that the Middle east needs peace, not weapons. For this reason, the ship going to israel with a consignment of weapons has not been allowed to stop at the port of Spain. According to Spain's Transport minister Oscar Puente, a Danish ship named Marian Danica had sought permission to stay at the Spanish port on May 21. This ship going from india to israel wanted to stop at Catajina port in south-eastern Spain. Spanish newspaper 'El Pais' has claimed that 27 tons of explosives were present on this ship.

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