The plane of the Vice President of this country was found in pieces 24 hours after it went missing

Bodies of 10 people including his wife were recovered

The Vice President of malawi was accompanied by 8 other people including his wife in the plane. His plane suddenly went missing on monday morning in the mountains near Blantyre. Its debris has been found in the search operation.

The plane of the Vice President of this country was found in pieces 24 hours after it went missing, the bodies of 10 people including his wife were recovered

Vice President of the African country malawi, Solos Chilima and his wife and former First Lady of the country, Shanil Jimbiri, have died in a plane crash. Chilima's military plane went missing in the mountains near Blantyre on monday morning. The search operation was going on for about 24 hours. During the search operation, malawi army personnel found his plane broken into pieces in the dense forests on the mountains of Blantyre, in which the bodies of Chilima and his wife and 8 other people on board the plane were also recovered. It is believed that the plane must have crashed here due to bad weather and broke into pieces after breaking straight from the ground. According to Reuters, malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has confirmed the death of Chilima in the plane crash. Kenya's Vice President has also posted a condolence message in a expressing grief over Chilima's death.

The plane took off on monday morning

Earlier, there was news of the plane of Vice President Solos Chilima of the South-East African country malawi going missing on Monday. Chilima's military plane took off from the airport of the capital Lilongwe on monday morning. The malawi Defence Force plane, which took off at 9.17 am, was to land 45 minutes later at Mzuzu international airport, 380 km away. Apart from 51-year-old Chilima, Shanil Jimbiri and 8 other people were present in the plane.

The plane had to return due to bad weather

According to CNN, malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has shared the information about the disappearance of Vice President Solos Chilima's plane with everyone. Chakwera gave this information in his address broadcast on the government television channel MBC. He said that after reaching Mzuzu on monday morning, Chilima's plane could not land due to bad weather. The pilot turned the plane to bring it back to Lilongwe, but shortly after that he lost contact with the air traffic control. Shortly after this, the plane also went out of the reach of the radar. Considering the possibility of the plane crash, rescue teams were immediately dispatched, but no trace of it has been found till now.

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