Be it ajit pawar faction or BJP... Sinde gave big statement…

After the results of the lok sabha elections, a new nda government has been formed at the center under the leadership of PM narendra Modi. The ministers have also been allocated their departments. Meanwhile, the issue of NDA's poor performance in the elections is still in discussion. Meanwhile, maharashtra chief minister and shiv sena chief Eknath Shinde has told why the performance was poor.

According to ABP Majha, cm Eknath Shinde said, "In some areas we lost due to negative set. It was said that the constitution will be changed, the slogan of crossing 400 was also given, people kept this in mind and things went wrong." Let us tell you that before this, bjp and ajit pawar faction also admitted that the opposition's talk of changing the constitution backfired.

The cm spoke on the issue of farming and farmers

The chief minister of maharashtra also spoke about the issue of farming and farmers. He said, "As a farmer's son, I am always at the forefront to deal with the issues of farmers. I go to the village and also do farming. Some people say that the chief minister goes to the field by helicopter, but I do this to save time. The government decided to give subsidy for bamboo cultivation.''. A meeting of the Central Agricultural Price and Value Commission was held to determine the minimum base price for agricultural crops in the presence of Eknath Shinde.

Good start of rain in the state - cm Shinde

Chief minister Shinde said that the rain has started well in the state. The topic of today's meeting was serious, so I myself have attended. Eknath Shinde said, ''Soybean and cotton farmers in Marathwada Vidarbha faced some problems. I had made provision for all this but could not distribute it due to the code of conduct. There has been a discussion with prime minister narendra Modi about this. No one will be happy by keeping the farmers unhappy. That is why our government is doing everything for the farmers. He also promised to put the problem of the farmers in front of the Union Agriculture Minister.

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