'Netaji to join BJP...', Jyoti Mirdha's strong attack…

During the lok sabha general elections 2024 in rajasthan, both bjp and congress fielded Jat candidates for the Nagaur lok sabha seat and there was a tough competition on this hot seat. On this seat, Jyoti Mirdha, who left congress and joined bjp, was made the BJP's candidate, while Hanuman Beniwal, who left the nda alliance and joined the india Alliance, was the alliance's candidate.

Hanuman Beniwal has become an mp by winning the Nagaur lok sabha seat for the second time. The rift between Jyoti Mirdha and Hanuman Beniwal is not taking the name of stopping. A video of Jyoti Mirdha is going viral, in the video the mp is seen taking Hanuman Beniwal to task. The viral video is of Monday, Jyoti Mirdha was talking to her people at her residence during that time.

Jyoti Mirdha's strong attack on Hanuman Beniwal

BJP candidate Jyoti Mirdha strongly attacked Hanuman Beniwal and said that all the absurd statements he has made are baseless. He keeps saying that we have formed a party. I say that if Hanuman Beniwal has the courage, he should contest the elections alone. Reminding Hanuman Beniwal of the old things, the mp said that he had contested the elections alone once. You know, his deposit was forfeited. Sometimes you come with the crutches of congress and sometimes with the crutches of BJP. Jyoti Mirdha said that Netaji is ready to join bjp by crawling on his knees. Even today, he is asking rajasthan Chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma to somehow make some arrangements and enter BJP. Netaji, the public has now understood this.

'People are just being fooled'

Former mp Jyoti Mirdha said that yesterday I got a news that a lot of people have gathered at Netaji's place. Then I came to know that Netaji had invited everyone to come running. Whoever wants to take the money for mla land, take the money for mla land. Maybe then I will have to resign. Jyoti Mirdha said that everyone has been made a fool. people are just being fooled.

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