Banswara mp Rajkumar Roat raised the demand...?

Bharat Adivasi Party's newly elected mp from Banswara Dungarpur, rajasthan, Rajkumar Roat has once again raised the demand for Bhil province. He said that our demand is absolutely justified. Rajkumar Roat further said, "Whenever we discuss this demand for Bhil province, two questions arise that when and why did this demand arise? This demand has been raised since a long time. Before independence and after independence, many leaders raised this demand, this demand is being raised not only from rajasthan but also from Madhya Pradesh, gujarat etc."

'Demand for a separate province was raised during the british rule too'

Rajkumar Roat also said, "If we go into the historical background, then the movement of Govind Guru Maharaj took place, in which 1500 tribals were killed, during that time itself the tribals had demanded a separate Bhil province from the british rule."

Will raise the demand for Bhil Pradesh in Lok Sabha

Rajkumar Roat said that we will raise this demand strongly in Lok Sabha. We will put forward the demand for a separate Bhil state for tribals in Lok Sabha. Roat said that our party is firm on the demand for a separate Bhil state. Let us tell you that Rajkumar Roat of Bharat Adivasi party, a two-time MLA, defeated Mahendrajit Singh Malviya, who had joined bjp from congress, in this lok sabha election. Rajkumar Roat was also supported by congress on Dungarpur Banswara lok sabha seat. Now he has said that he will raise his demands in Lok Sabha. However, he expressed displeasure over not calling the meeting of india Alliance.


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