Pappu Yadav FIR: He gave a big hint without naming?

A big criminal case has been registered against Pappu Yadav, who won the election from Purnia lok sabha seat as an independent candidate, just six days after the counting of votes. A furniture businessman has filed an FIR in Purnia's Mufassil police station on monday (10 June) in the case of Pappu Yadav demanding one crore extortion money and threatening to kill him if he did not pay. The police have also registered a complaint. Now mp Pappu Yadav has given his reaction on this.

Pappu Yadav has called it a conspiracy. On monday, he wrote on Instagram, "People troubled by my growing influence in the politics of the country and the state and the growing affection of the common people have hatched a disgusting conspiracy in Purnia today. This conspiracy of an officer and opponents will be completely exposed. An impartial investigation should be conducted under the supreme Court. Whoever is guilty should be hanged."

Pappu Yadav has pointed a finger towards a senior officer in hints, but he has not openly written the name. If some of Pappu Yadav's associates are to be believed, he is pointing towards the SP of Purnia, who did not have good relations with Pappu Yadav throughout the elections. However, only Pappu Yadav can tell better which officer he is pointing towards.

Police registered the case in haste

On the other hand, Pappu Yadav's associates have raised many questions in this matter. They say that Pappu Yadav has now become an MP. On monday, someone gave an application in the police station about extortion against the mp, so the investigation should have been done for at least one or two days. Even this was not considered appropriate. Pappu Yadav is not absconding. He has gone to Delhi. He could have been talked to, but the police did not do so and as soon as the application was received, an FIR was registered in haste.

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