JDU unhappy over not getting Railway Ministry? 

After the formation of nda government for the third time in the country, eight MPs from bihar have been made ministers. 4 have got a place in the cabinet while four have been made ministers of state. The division of departments has also been done. RJD is attacking the departments given to the ministers of bihar that they have been given a toy. In such a situation, the question is whether JDU is unhappy with whatever ministries have been given? On tuesday (June 11), Nitish Kumar's party leader and minister madan Sahani made a big statement.

In a conversation with ABP News, bihar government minister madan Sahani said that we are satisfied with the departments JDU has got at the Center. There is no resentment. The ministries that Lallan Singh, Ramnath Thakur have got have a lot of possibilities to work for the whole country. Work will be done in the country including Bihar. There will be rapid development. There is a lot of scope in the departments that JDU has got. Work will be done for the public.

What did madan Sahni say about the Railway Ministry?

Madan Sahni said that there was a discussion about the Railway Ministry being given to JDU because this ministry has been given to Bihar. Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav, ram Vilas had it. He said that whoever got the Railway Department, it is not that he will do only railway work around his house. Work will be done in the whole country. We had no desire to get railway, agriculture, energy. Desires are endless. madan Sahni said that one Union cabinet minister and one minister of State have been made from JDU. Nitish will decide whether more will be made or not. Let us tell you that Tejashwi Yadav said on last monday that it is the Prime Minister's decision to decide who gets which department. Work should be done in any department, but you have given a toy to bihar, because of which you have become the Prime Minister.

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