For Lokesh's sake, have those seniors been kept aside..!?

-Three women got a chance in Chandrababu's cabinet.
-More opportunities for freshers.
-Lokesh to show the mark?

Chandrababu's new cabinet has been finalized. A total of 24 people, including three Jana Sena MLAs and one bjp MLA, got ministerial posts. But it is remarkable that most of it is juniors. 10 people who won as MLAs for the first time got a place in the cabinet. Also, there are 17 people who got minister posts for the first time. Three women got a chance in Chandrababu's cabinet. If we look at social class, 8 BC, 2 SC, and st women got a place in Chandrababu's cabinet. Each person got a place from the minority and Vaishya communities.
While four guards, four kammas, and three Reddys got a place in the cabinet, one position in the cabinet was left vacant by Chandrababu. But the party's stalwarts such as Yanamala Ramakrishna, gorantla butchaiah Chaudhary, Chintakayala Ayyannapatra, and ganta srinivasa rao also did not get ministerial posts this time. Looking at this cabinet, Chandrababu has given preference to new faces. Although the tdp sources say that the reason for this is to encourage the youth in politics, there are also claims that the real story is different.

The leadership of the telugu state needs to gradually shift from the hands of Chandrababu to Lokesh. According to this, it is believed that more chances have been given to juniors than to seniors. It is being argued that if nara lokesh gets hold of the cabinet from now on, governance will be easier. If they are too senior, it will be difficult for nara lokesh to act on them. It will be difficult for seniors too. Therefore, it seems that Chandrababu has carefully given more opportunities to the seniors in order to avoid that trouble in the party.

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