Charanjit Channi furious over beating of Sikh youth...

Former punjab chief minister and congress MP from jalandhar Charanjit Singh Channi has targeted bjp over the beating of a Sikh youth in Kaithal. Charanjit Singh Channi has said that the incident that took place in Kaithal, in which a Sikh youth was beaten with sticks, is the result of BJP's way of spreading hatred.

Charanjit Singh Channi further said, "I appeal to the people that there is no internal fight of any kind in Punjab. kangana ranaut has given a statement that Sikhs here are Khalistanis. There is nothing like that. There is goodwill, love here." The congress leader said that there has never been a fight between Hindus and Sikhs in punjab, so I also appeal to maintain peace, do not take such action and action should be taken against those who have taken this action. The former chief minister said, "I demand from the government that strict action should be taken against those who carried out this incident. Also, I appeal to the people to maintain brotherhood and love among themselves."

Amarinder Singh raja Vading made this claim

Apart from this, punjab unit chief of congress Amarinder Singh raja Vading claimed that this attack is the result of hate speech against Punjabis by kangana ranaut and many other BJP-backed IT cell forums. Let us tell you that in Kaithal, Haryana, two chaotic elements beat up a Sikh youth badly, calling him a Khalistani. The accused picked up a brick from the roadside and beat the youth and seriously injured him. After this incident, the video of the victim also surfaced. In this, he identified himself as Sukhwinder Singh.

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