Anil Vij said on BJP's defeat in Ayodhya...

After the defeat in ayodhya (Faizabad lok sabha seat), bjp is engaged in brainstorming. It is trying to know what was the reason for the defeat in ayodhya, where the grand ram mandir was consecrated this year. ram mandir has always been a part of BJP's manifesto. After the doors of ram mandir were opened to common devotees before the elections, bjp was hoping to see better results in the elections, but bjp lost from ayodhya itself, which surprised everyone. Meanwhile, senior bjp leader and former home minister of haryana Anil Vij has given the reason for this defeat.

According to the report of tv9 Bharat Varsh, Anil Vij said, "This is very unfortunate. May be there are atheists living there." Let us tell you that Anil Vij had claimed a big victory for bjp in the lok sabha elections. He had also said that 11 lotus flowers (10 lok sabha seats and one assembly seat) will bloom in haryana on june 4. However, congress made a comeback in haryana and won five seats. Whereas bjp could win only 240 seats in the whole country and fell short of majority. However, bjp leading the nda alliance succeeded in forming the government.

BJP lost by 54 thousand votes in Ayodhya

At the same time, bjp has suffered a major setback not only in ayodhya but in the whole of UP where its seats have reduced considerably. In Ayodhya's faizabad lok sabha seat, SP's Awadhesh prasad defeated BJP's Lallu Singh by a margin of 54567 votes. Awadhesh prasad got 554289 votes while Lallu Singh got 499722 votes. While Mayawati's party SP remained in third place here, whose candidate Sachchidanand Pandey got only 46407 votes.

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