Why is factionalism being discussed in Madhya Pradesh?

The issue of factionalism is also coming to light because fireworks were done in indore on the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony at the Centre a few days ago. Depalpur mla Manoj patel, who is considered a staunch supporter of shivraj singh chouhan, did this fireworks. Manoj patel is a staunch supporter of shivraj singh chouhan and has been doing politics in his shadow.

It was shivraj singh chouhan who got Manoj Patel's ticket finalised. That is why Manoj is considered to be from the Shivraj faction. people are even saying that Manoj patel burnt fireworks worth about Rs 1.5 lakh at the bharatiya janata party office that day.

MLAs like Golu Shukla, Malini God, Mahendra Hadiya, Madhu Verma in indore are considered to be from the Shivraj camp. Apart from this, if we talk about Scindia supporters, then cabinet minister Tulsi Silavat in indore is a Scindia supporter and a powerful leader in Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, some councillors in indore Municipal Corporation and some officials in bjp also appear to be Scindia supporters.

A group of cm Mohan Yadav supporters is also being formed

Apart from all this, a new group is also being formed in madhya pradesh which is of chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav. Journalists say that the number of supporters of chief minister Mohan Yadav is constantly increasing and now separate groups of Shivraj, Scindia and Mohan Yadav have started forming in Madhya Pradesh. Now mainly three types of groups of leaders are going to be seen in madhya pradesh, which include the names of the above leaders.

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