Premanand Maharaj angry at Pandit pradeep Mishra…

A controversy has arisen over the statement given by international storyteller Pandit pradeep Mishra about Radha ji during a story. Pandit pradeep Mishra and Premanand Maharaj have come face to face. After pradeep Mishra's comment, Premanand Maharaj has responded by releasing a video. After this, a war has broken out on social media between the followers of these saints. The followers of both the saints are not able to hear anything inappropriate about them. Due to which a war has broken out between these two saints on social media.

Know what Pandit pradeep Mishra said?

Let us tell you that Pandit pradeep Mishra raised questions on Radharani's maternal home during a story. He said, "Radha ji was not a resident of Barsana. Radha's name is not among the wives of Shri Krishna. Radha ji's husband's name is anay Ghosh. Her mother-in-law's name was Jatila and sister-in-law's name was Kutila."

Pandit pradeep Mishra said that Radha ji was married in Chhatra village. During the story, Pandit pradeep Mishra asked the devotees sitting in the pandal to tell where Radha ji is from, to which the answer came that she is from Barsana. While answering the devotees, Pandit Mishra said that Radha ji was from Rawal village, not Barsana. Radha ji's father had a court in Barsana. Radha used to go to the court once a year. That is why it is named Barsana, which means come once a year.

Premanand Maharaj got angry, gave this answer

Premanand Maharaj got angry at this statement of Pandit pradeep Mishra and he released a video and replied to Pandit pradeep Mishra, "Which Radha are you talking about? You do not know Radha yet, if you get to know her, then there will be a conversation with tears." Premanand Maharaj said, "She appeared and is always visible." He said to Pandit pradeep Mishra, "Have you ever been to Barsana, have you ever seen her?" In the video, Premanand Maharaj asks in a harsh tone, "What do you know. How can I tell you what Radha ji is. How many scriptures have you read, you can only please people of this world with flattery. Don't say such things about Shreeji. You don't know his power.

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