Rajasthan congress Chief Govind on 10-day leave…

Rajasthan congress President Govind Singh Dotasara has gone on a 10-day leave. He has informed about this on social media. The information of his going on leave is much discussed in the political corridors. congress sources say that Govind Singh Dotasara has never taken leave since he became the president. After the assembly elections and then the lok sabha elections, he has taken 10 days leave for the first time.

Govind Singh Dotasara has gone out of Rajasthan. He has cited personal reasons for his leave. He has written on social media, "I will be out of rajasthan for the next 10 days due to personal reasons." rajasthan PCC Chief has not tagged anyone in his post.

He was made president under adverse circumstances

After the Manesar incident in rajasthan, Govind Singh Dotasara was made the President of rajasthan Pradesh congress Committee on 14 July 2020. Dotasara has been the President continuously since 29 July 2020. Since then, congress has won many by-elections.

Congress lost the assembly elections but has managed to win 70 seats. After that, when the lok sabha elections came, the discussion of removing the congress President intensified but Dotasara was continued. Now in the lok sabha elections in rajasthan, congress has won eight seats and the alliance has won three. In such a situation, Dotasara is being credited for this victory.

There is a lot of discussion in the political corridors?

There is a lot of discussion about Govind Singh Dotasara going on leave for 10 days. Because, in rajasthan, the presidents going on leave never used to give information on social media like this. Before Dotasara, sachin pilot has been the state president of rajasthan congress for a long time. In his time too, assembly and lok sabha elections were held, in which the congress government was formed in the assembly and the account was not even opened in the Lok Sabha.

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