Aayad river will now add to the beauty of Udaipur…

The beautiful city of udaipur in rajasthan is famous for its lakes, mountains and historical tourist places. Due to which lakhs of tourists come to see this city throughout the year. Apart from all this, udaipur also has another beautiful reservoir. Aayad river also flows in the middle of udaipur city towards Venice, but for the last few decades this river used to be filled with sewerage, mud and dirt, but before the monsoon it has become a tourist center.

Aayad river remains the center of politics

Aayad river is 30 kilometers long which flows through an area of 5 kilometers in udaipur city. This river has been a big center of politics for the last few decades. From municipal corporation to assembly elections, there have been talks about improving the Aayad river. udaipur has the sixth board of the corporation and now the face of this river is changing in this board. Under the Smart City Project, beautification work is going on in it.

Garden in the middle of the river, high mast light

Under the Smart City, work is going on to beautify this river. A 9 meter wide canal is being built in an area of 5 kilometers. Gardens have been built and 25 high mast lights have been installed. Smart City CEO pradeep Sangawat told the media that 85 percent of the work of beautification of the river has been completed. The remaining 15 percent work will be completed in 20 days. Before the monsoon, the city dwellers will get to see the new look of the river. Let us tell you that when water flows out of this river passing through the city during the rains, thousands of people gather at different places. Now the form of the river is changing, so tourists will also be attracted to it.

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