Chinese connection of the second parliament attack! 

On 13 december 2023, just a few hours after the leaders paid tribute to the martyrs of 13 december 2001 in parliament, something happened in parliament which shook the whole country. The parliament session was going on, during this time 2 people came down from the visitors gallery, they raised some slogans and opened the canisters filled with smoke, due to which yellow smoke started coming out. During this time, the protesters outside the parliament also opened the smoke canisters and the news of the smoke attack in parliament spread all over the country. It has been almost 7 months since this incident and the people caught are still in police custody.

Big revelations in the charge sheet of delhi Police

Just a few days ago, the Counter Intelligence Unit of delhi police has filed a thousand-page charge sheet in Delhi's patiala House court regarding this case. The news came out in the media that the chargesheet has been filed, but there was no information about what evidence the police presented in this chargesheet. Now a news has been published in the indian Express in which the newspaper has claimed that it has got important information about the chargesheet. According to this, the parliament attack, which some people were considering as just the anger of the youth, also has a Chinese connection. Along with this, another question has arisen that did any officer of the Bureau of Immigration help these attackers?

Che Guevara connection of chennai to Ladakh trip

In the chargesheet, the main accused in the case, Manoranjan DK, has talked about a road trip from chennai to Ladakh. This road trip actually reminds of the memoir 'The Motorcycle Diaries' of the famous Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. In which Che Guevara sets out to tour South America on a motorcycle and during this time a Chinese citizen travels with him sitting on the back of his bike for some time. If the chargesheet is to be believed, something similar happened with Manoranjan as well. This cannot be considered a coincidence. It is said in the chargesheet that during the investigation, when Manoranjan's emails were searched, the police found a travel memoir of his. The police say that Manoranjan had actually forgotten to delete this memoir, because he had deleted all the data of the last few years from his computer. In this memoir, a complete account of his motorcycle journey from chennai to Ladakh is found. This seems almost like Che Guevara’s ‘Motorcycle Diaries’. According to the indian Express, those who have seen this chargesheet say that this memoir points towards a big conspiracy. According to the police, Manoranjan has written about a Chinese national in his memoir. Who travels with him on a motorcycle from hyderabad to Delhi. The name of this Chinese citizen is said to be Li Rong.

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