Will the impact of election results be seen in new budget?

The third term of the Modi government may have started on june 9. But, in this election, no party has got a clear majority like the last two elections. One reason for this is also believed to be the rising inflation and unemployment in the country. In such a situation, the biggest challenge before the newly formed government will be to take some such decisions in this budget 2024-25 which can also provide relief to the general public.

Will take over the reins of the Finance Ministry again

In the new government toothe responsibility of handling the Finance Ministry will once again be given to Nirmala Sitharaman. Its economic agenda will include making the country an economy of five trillion dollars and steps to accelerate reforms to turn india into a 'developed nation' by 2047. According to the information, the ministry has also started working on the budget. In this budget, it will be specially taken care whether the government will keep the fiscal deficit to 5.1 per cent of GDP this time or the fiscal deficit will be improved with the dividend of 2.1 trillion received from RBI.

What can be seen differently in this budget?

What can be different this time in the Budget 2024-25 to be presented by the government formed for the third time under the leadership of Narendra Modi? However, there is also speculation that the effect of the alliance can also be seen in the budget. During the campaign for the lok sabha elections, PM Modi had said that if his government comes to power for the third time, then his priority will be the economy (Indian Economy). At present, the government does not seem to be in the mood to step back regarding the pace of the economy.

Even after the election results, PM Modi, while addressing the public, had said that the goal of his party is to make india the third largest economy in the world and to make it a developed nation by 2047. This time in the full budget, the Modi government can make some new and big announcements for the women, farmers and youth of the country.

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