Jagan vs. Raghurama: Awaited Combo in the assembly..!?

* Are we going to see Raghurama counters to Jagan's comments?
* How jagan will react to Raghurama's criticism?
* Are the people of ap eagerly waiting for the assembly meetings?

In the last five years, the ycp has run the air in the ap assembly meetings. With 151 MLAs from ycp winning together, they had the upper hand in every meeting. It is known that tdp leaders used to protest during assembly meetings. However, the discussion about how the assembly meetings are going to be held in the coming days will take place on the social media platform. Raghurama krishna Raju, who won as an mp from ycp in the past, contested as an mla on behalf of the alliance in this election and won. Raghurama krishna Raju won with a huge majority. There is a discussion going on if Raghurama krishna Raju gives counters to Jagan's speech in the assembly. The comments indicate that this combination will be on a different level in the assembly.
Raghurama krishna Raju has remained somewhat silent after the election results. However, no one can compare to raghuram when it comes to harshly criticizing ycp when the occasion arises. As he was a ycp mp in the past, the media is giving more importance to his criticism. There is also a discussion about how jagan will react to Raghurama's criticism.
It is heard in the political circles that Raghurama krishna Raju is very happy about the results of the YCP. While the campaign was going on that the alliance would make a clean sweep in both the Godavari districts, the campaign finally came true. Godavari voters favored Pawan and the alliance won all seats. Comments are being expressed that Raghurama Krishnamraju is sure to target ycp MLAs as well. Alliance fans are also eagerly waiting to see when the assembly meetings will start. Comments are heard that Raghurama has taken steps in the right direction when it comes to politics.

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