Electoral violence in bengal –let’s know…

Incidents of violence are common during elections in Bengal. Whether it is pre-election or post-election, incidents of violence and conflict are often reported. This is a matter of serious concern, as it hinders the establishment of the true form of democracy. The history of electoral violence in bengal forces us to think why political parties and their supporters are unable to see elections as a democratic process. Instead, they see it as a struggle and protest, which promotes division and violence in the society.

The truth of democracy

The true meaning of democracy is to respect the voice of the people. Participating in the electoral process and respecting its results is the basis of democracy. Political parties and their supporters have to understand that electoral competition does not mean violence and conflict, but it is an opportunity when the public chooses the leadership of their choice.


The examples of odisha and ayodhya show us that it is possible to maintain peace and harmony after elections. At the same time, incidents of electoral violence in bengal force us to think what more can be done to establish the true form of democracy. We have to ensure that all the parties participating in the electoral process respect democratic values and accept the election results in a dignified manner. Only then can we build a true and strong democracy.

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