It is wrong to say that Muslims do not vote for BJP?

The third term of the narendra modi government has begun. After the distribution of portfolios among the ministers, the work has also started. Amidst all this, the topic of discussion in the country these days is the absence of any Muslim in the cabinet. This time, the person who has been given the charge of the Ministry of Minority Affairs is associated with Buddhism. Many analysts are considering the absence of any Muslim in the cabinet and the command of the Ministry of Minority Affairs being handed over to kiren rijiju as an indication that since Muslims never vote for the bjp, the bjp has also decided to separate them. It is also often said that Muslims have separated from the mainstream.

Muslims are not the only minorities

However, it is worth noting that Muslims have never separated from the mainstream, but have always been connected with the mainstream of the society. If we talk about this time's cabinet, not even a single Muslim has been given a chance in it. By the way, in 2014, three Muslims were given a chance, while in 2019, mukhtar abbas naqvi was given a chance. Naqvi personally did a good job for Haj. Apart from this, he also did good work at the government level. In his own department, work was done on many schemes ranging from children. He did a very good job in the minority department.

Whenever there is talk of minorities, people look at Muslims, whereas it is not so. Minorities also include Buddhists, Parsis, Muslims, Sikhs and Jains. If this time a Buddhist has been given the charge of the minority ministry, then there is nothing big in it. He is also a part of the minority. However, the large section in the minority also has some aspirations. They want someone from their community with whom they can go and talk openly. If a Muslim is asked about Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, then he will tell because he has been living with a large community, but if a Buddhist is asked about Muslim religion, then he gets confused only on Eid, Bakrid. However, kiren rijiju is a good minister and it is expected that he will do good work.

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