Rejection of the development model…why?

It has been nearly seven and a half years of the double engine government in Uttar Pradesh, it will be asked what development has taken place at that level. The bjp has created a development model in which the sting of displacement has become bigger. They thought of taking full credit for it by creating a module in the country and promoting it, but did not think about the people living there. These things are fully applicable to both ayodhya and Kashi. The people of UP have not liked construction with destruction, rather they have rejected it outright. That is why Bulldozer baba faced such a defeat. From investment corridor to defense, only announcements were made. No development work was done on the ground in seven years.

That is why announcements are not working. The budget of the Information and Broadcasting Department was increased by seven times and publicity was done through posters. The public does not trust any publicity more than their own eyes. Employment remained a big issue in this election. After Modi's oath, yogi adityanath is holding the maximum number of meetings in UP. In those meetings, it is only being said that a list of all the vacancies should be made and recruitment provisions should be made immediately.

However, there have been dozens of incidents of question paper leaks during the bjp regime. The issue of paper leaks also emerged as a major reason for the loss of votes in the elections. Many children were preparing for competitive exams and now they have crossed the age limit. Due to their old age, they can no longer apply for competitive exams. All these things were not taken into consideration. The public has rejected the model of announcements, the model of turning every work into an event, etc. The reason for the bjp asking for votes by putting forward the religious situation was completely destroyed in this election.

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