Bihar got a fair opportunity in Modi 3.0 cabinet!!!

Where is the scope for development of Bihar? If this question is asked without prejudices and malice, then dozens of such places will come out where development can take place in Bihar. First of all, if a little change is made in the policies, then there is scope in the agriculture sector in Bihar. This can be said with confidence because the laws due to which it is not possible to take the goods anywhere and sell them, those laws have been abolished in bihar for 13-14 years. The laws which had the potential to bring revolutionary reforms in the agriculture sector, the changes in which were rolled back through a violent movement, have already been changed in bihar many years ago. Perhaps due to accepting reforms and changes so easily, bihar is called the laboratory of politics.

Agriculture and legal changes

The result of legal changes is that Asia's largest grain market is still in Purnia. Along with agriculture, the ministry of fisheries is also associated and the first product in this sector will be fish. In 2019-20, the production of fish in bihar was 6.41 lakh tonnes while the demand is 8.5 lakh tonnes. At present, this gap is met by the supply of fish from andhra pradesh etc. There is also space in its production and trade because at least 75% of the population of bihar is not vegetarian.

Why is there a need for legal and policy changes in this?

The incentives, government subsidies etc. for fish farming are given after asking the caste. Because of this, those who have land to dig ponds are not at all interested in getting ponds built and incurring huge costs. The communities that are already in this business are in the debt trap of moneylenders, they themselves are only interested in catching fish and getting wages for it, not in starting a business. If the policies are changed, this will change immediately (within five years).

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