Mango is produced in large quantity in Bihar!!!

Among the major mango producing states, bihar is a little behind. Among the main producers like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, bengal etc., bihar ranks thirteenth. Even after this, bihar becomes special for mango production. This is because the average yield of mango across the country is 8.80 tonnes per hectare. In bihar, 9.67 tonnes of mango is produced per hectare, which is more than the national average.

Mango is grown in about 160.24 thousand hectares in bihar and the total yield was 1549.97 tonnes last year. This is the situation when large mango orchards have been disappearing due to lack of government supervision since the end of the Zamindari system. The Jardalu variety of bhagalpur has recently received the GI tag. In the past years, APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) along with the state government exported four and a half lakh tonnes of Jardalu mangoes to countries like Bahrain, belgium and UK. Varieties of Bhagalpuri silk and sarees, Madhubani paintings and many works done on cloth can be added to this. If the industry Department just surveys this demand-supply gap, dozens of such products will come out.

Luckily, all the ministries related to food processing, fisheries, textiles etc. have been given to MPs from Bihar. If the leaders of bihar are unable to bring development and change in these areas even during the period of Modi government which is developing at a very fast pace, then it will be a matter of Chauhan missing out. Now it remains to be seen whether Biharis remember that saying 'Mat Choo Choo Chauhan' or not.

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