No place for old leaders..,why?

Many stalwarts of bihar have not been given a place in the cabinet this time. It includes names like ravi shankar Prasad, rajiv pratap rudy and radha mohan Singh. However, there are reasons for this. radha mohan singh has won the election this time by just 88 lakh votes, while last time he had won the election by about 2.5 lakh votes. rk Singh has been a minister at the center. He also belongs to the same caste as radha mohan Singh. This time rk Singh lost the election. He was defeated by the cpi (ML) candidate. For the first time since the 1980s, a cpi (ML) mp is going to the house from Bihar. cpi (ML) has won both Ara and Karakat seats.

Pawan Singh came second in Karakat, he also got full support of his caste. All three are Rajputs, which is an upper caste. They are considered to be a core voter of BJP. According to the voting pattern in bihar, nda performed well. Despite that, it has suffered losses on nine seats, which was believed that there would be no loss. Apart from this, there could have been more losses if JDU had not joined NDA.

Everyone knows that the voters who win elections in bihar are EBCs, which are more important than OBCs. By sidelining the old faces and giving a chance to new faces, people feel that there will be losses, but this is going to prove to be a profitable deal for BJP. Voters of a caste group in bihar are angry that a representative of their caste has not been given a place in the cabinet. It is possible that bjp will compensate for it later, but if seen at the time of elections, candidates were fielded from that caste group on five seats, but their performance was very poor. The council of ministers must have been formed keeping this in mind.

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