G7 summit: Zelensky will sign security agreement…

Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Zelensky will sign a security agreement with the US and japan today at the G7 summit held in Italy. Zelensky himself has given information about this . He said that today there is a meeting with our closest partners. During this, there will be talks on the security and economic flexibility of Ukraine. We are waiting for important decisions today. Zelensky said, 'The main issues for us are to develop fighter jets, accelerate pilot training and accelerate aircraft delivery. In this agreement, the base air defense system is to be prepared on the technology of japan and America. Along with this, long-range missiles are to be manufactured. Zelensky said that these weapons will be manufactured against russia with Russian money.

Zelensky told that he will attend many bilateral meetings in the G7 meeting. During this, he will meet Giorgio Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, who is hosting the summit. Apart from this, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and british prime minister Rishi Sunak will meet european Council President Charles Michel and IMF Managing director Kristalina Georgieva.

When will the Ukraine-US agreement be signed?

Bilateral security agreements will be signed during a meeting with US President Joe Biden and Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida on Thursday. Zelensky has described the agreement with the united states as unprecedented. He said these will be documents like there should be for leaders supporting Ukraine.

15 countries have already signed an agreement with Ukraine

Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had given information about this agreement on wednesday itself, but he did not tell what would be included in the agreement. For now, he had definitely told that this agreement will not include the obligation of deployment of American troops in Ukraine. Let us tell you that fifteen countries have already signed similar security agreements with Ukraine. These countries include Britain, france and Germany.

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